This body of work is an autobiography of my internal struggles with my fears and their associated anxieties. I create this work in the form of collage, as a method of art therapy. My process of construction reveals an inner unconscious self in which my work is intuitively created. Through the use of a camera I unearth a personal truth from a primal part of myself. Thus, a catharsis emerges from an intervention with both accumulating events as well as specific occurrences throughout my life that have left me with all-consuming emotions, consequently resulting in a fear of this reoccurrence. As I engage in a "re-living", I mimic a pattern of compulsive behaviors using repetition in my compositions and my process.  Through this purgation I make myself vulnerable to the viewer, exposing an intimate inner condition for the viewer to share as a means of empowerment.


 I deconstruct my condition with metaphor and literal translations, tackling a struggle with the self and the aftermath of trauma. I wield scissors and knifes as weapons in my personal conflicts, cutting and removing as a component of this purgation.  With these instruments I carefully construct fragile environments susceptible to becoming dismantled and easily broken. These environments consist of a world of my own private spaces in the innermost rooms of my unconscious mind containing my own personal objects, holding symbolic significance of the emotions I hold as remnants in the wake of my struggle. 


      I create my rooms through layers of images that unravel and disappear into voids of emptiness. As I assemble and mend these layers with three-dimensional collaging reminiscent of a child’s book, I engage in psychoanalytical regression to a child's state of mind, becoming part of the therapy I engage in.  This offers a safe place to expose and deconstruct my fears.