Used as a technique for presenting depth perception in order to study the surface of Mars, anaglyphic images, better known as 3D images, became a technique used for entertainment. 3D movies were created by shooting two images simultaneously with two cameras in perfect unison.  In much the same way, anaglyphic images are created using color filters to make two images from slightly different perspectives into a single image. When viewed with anaglyphic glasses, the viewer's visual cortex will merge the two images together as a single three-dimensional image, one side through a red filter and the other side through a contrasting blue filter. With this technique I have manipulated images of myself and translated them into large scale painted self- portraits. With this process, I am represented by two selfs, one red and one blue.  When viewed without the aid of anaglyphic glasses the portraits appear to be red and blue images; however, when viewed with the glasses these two selfs come together to create a new representation of the two.